Your idea to a Solana program in a pop.

Generate Solana programs and clients' source code from an IDL or create new Solana IDLs from an ui.



  • Anchor Program
  • NextJS Client
  • Seahorse Program
  • React Native Client
  • Flutter Client
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Composability Composability Composability

Soda is template based and language agnostic.
You can create your custom building blocks.

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new developers

Soda can reduce up to 95% of the coding needed to write a project and it also simplifies multi-program and multi-client creation.


Export your Solana IDL in a specific template. Pick one or pick them all!

  • Anchor
    Free Template v0.1.1-alpha Anchor Export to an Anchor framework setup, streamlining Solana smart contract development.
  • NextJS
    Free Template v0.1.1-alpha NextJS Select for a web-friendly Solana project using NextJS, optimized for server-side rendering and SEO.
  • Flutter
    Free Template v0.1.1-alpha Flutter Choose for a cross-platform Solana project in Flutter, tailored for both iOS and Android.
  • Seahorse
    Free Template v0.1.1-alpha Seahorse Select for Solana programming using Seahorse, allowing you to write Anchor-compatible programs in Python.
  • React Native
    Free Template v0.1.1-alpha React Native Export to get a mobile-ready Solana project for React Native. Ideal for DApp mobile integrations.

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